Villa Barbarich

Every step taken in the Villa is peaceful and noticeably beautiful.

Villa Barbarich was built on the banks of the Marzenego River in the first half of the 16th century as the summer residence of the Malipiero family, one of the most famous and influential families of the Serenissima, as the Republic of Venice was called at the time. Today, Villa Barbarich offers exclusive services for a 4 Star Superior stay and a starred restaurant.

As you make your way along the Castellana road, in the stretch between Mestre and Zelarino, Villa Barbarich appears on the horizon like a mirage.


Timeless Beauty

As you step into Villa Barbarich, you will undoubtedly understand what prompted the lords of the time to choose it as a place of solace, and make it the setting for their business meetings.

The extensive rooms and wide hallways, with utmost attention paid to each and every detail, create an atmosphere that is both fascinating and welcoming.

The exquisite chandeliers, blown by the master glassmakers of Murano, along with the antique terracotta floors are just some of the invaluable details that will accompany you to the heart of the villa.

As you wander around the main floor, you will feel like you’re opening a treasure chest, as you discover the fascinating frescoes by Ludovico Toeput, known as Pozzoserrato. It is impossible to not look all around you, with the multitude of colours and stories the Villa has to offer.

Oasi Wellness

Step aboard a journey of peace and wellbeing. Cosy and intimate, our relaxation and Wellness Oasis area is perfect for treating yourself to a moment that’s all about you. 

Our spaces here also provide you with the opportunity for you and a loved one to enjoy some memorable time together in an intimate space, guaranteeing you both with a unique and truly immersive experience. Cosy up in your soft bathrobes and let yourself be pampered. 

Here at Villa Barbarich, we have a steam bath; a Finnish sauna; a rustic shower; multisensory spaces; and a range of beauty and wellbeing treatments. 

In addition to our wellbeing package, you can choose from the following treatments: 

  • Decontracting massage: loosens muscular tension that may have developed from poor posture or physical exertion (50 min.)
  • Swedish/classic massage: cleanses out toxins and loosens muscular tension, great for those who live a sedentary lifestyle (50 min.).
  • Anti-stress massage: a relieving and relaxing massage (50 min.).
  • Bamboo massage: a slightly firmer massage with bamboo canes that both cleanses out toxins and relaxes your muscles (50 min.).
  • Abhyangam: a full body massage that re-activates homeostasis in your body. (50 min.).
  • Pindasweda: a massage with warm cloth bags filled with essential oils and herbs that detoxifies. Ever so relaxing and tension-relieving. (50 min.).


Please note, access to the Wellness Oases and treatments must be booked in advance. Our staff will be more than happy to help you create your journey to relaxation. 

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Park, Swimming Pool and Solarium

Imagine this…a swimming pool with glimmering, crystal-clear water against a backdrop of luscious green from our tree-lined park. Here, it’s a reality.  

Feel the earth beneath your feet on our freshly cut grass; unwind amongst the glimmering waters of the swimming pool; lie down with a book and lap up the warmth of the sun. You can do all of this, and more, at Villa Barbarich.

The villa is completely surrounded by extensive lush green grounds (20,000 sq. mt.), equipped with a pool and fully furnished solarium area. Whether you’re looking for a space to simply relax in, or perhaps celebrate that special event, ceremony or reception in, it’s all yours. 

Our pool is open to anyone. 

Entry per person is €39.00

Double entry is €59.00

 and this price includes free parking, a sunbed, a bottle of water, flavoured water, a towel and a pair of slippers. 

Open everyday from 8am to 8pm subject to booking. 

You will be informed of our availability upon request.

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