Where authentic flavours and a truly unique atmosphere come together.


In our restaurant’s kitchen, timeless flavours interweave, creating truly exquisite dishes. Each mouthful recalls the gentle lap of the canals and the calm of the surrounding countryside, just like when you hold a seashell to your ear.

Our menu proposals seat the past and present at the same table following the alternation of the seasons.

A perfect partnership between ancestral authenticity and contemporary creation.

We let ourselves be inspired by the land and its uniqueness, which is why one of our most delicious proposals, always present in our Gran Carte, is the Cozza Mitilla® di laguna stuffed in smoked tomato guazzetto, which enchants the palate with its true and natural taste.

Don't you know Cozza Mitilla®?

Mitilla® is the mussel from the island of Pellestrina!

Between its two black shells it encapsulates the flavour of the sea. A unique flavour made of knowledge, ancient traditions, family work, freshness and reliability. Bred in ‘A’ type waters, the healthiest, thanks to which Mitilla® does not have to be purified before being distributed. After an initial automatic selection, each mussel is manually selected to verify that it respects the parameters that make it exceptional!

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